Cliffvon Howell

Professional | Educator | Public Servant


I am a 21-year public servant providing administrative services for state government.  That tenures combines eleven (11) years of service in the administration of juvenile justice planning and coordination; ten (10) years of service in the planning and administration of mental health services; and I current serve as the equity and diversity coordinator for one of Delaware’s largest school districts.  I am an Adjunct-Professor of History and Political Science @ a Historically Black College and University in the Mid-Atlantic where I proudly teach African American history.


I am a product of Delaware’s public education system, first receiving my high school diploma from Cape Henlopen High School, followed by a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Delaware State University.  In addition, I completed my graduate studies at Wilmington University where I earned a Master’s Degree in Public Administration.

Civic Engagement

As a sophomore in high school, I began a lifelong pursuit of activism for social justice and equality.  My life was dramatically transformed when I experienced open racism as a teenager.  At roughly the same time I was introduced to strategic community building activities.  The fusion of the skills I acquired from veteran community activist combined with a personal passion to help minority communities excel guided me to this work.

I bring the experiences and networking acquired from my public service career coupled with my passion for positively impacting the lives of juveniles to this platform where I am uniquely positioned to use the skills and knowledge I have spent a lifetime cultivating.